On Wednesday, July 4, I saw “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and it was great. However, my wife and I had to make the difficult decision to release our dog Roy from his pain and let him go to that big dog park in the sky. It sucks. I am having a harder time dealing with it than I thought, so I took some “Me” time over this weekend and didn’t write a review. I’m sorry for the four or so of you that read my movie musings but I just don’t care about writing right now. Perhaps I’ll get into a mood to put some thoughts on the internet in the next couple of days. Considering it pulled in $185 million since it opened on July 4th, I don’t think it needs my added praise.

I’m sorry for the delay but I’m just not in a place to put my thoughts together. I apologize and should be back to my snarky self in no time.

Thank you for your understanding.

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