Review of “Good Boys”

Max, Thor and Lucas (Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams) are the Bean Bag Boys, so named due to their sitting on bean bags at Thor’s house. They are in sixth grade and their world is changing quickly. Max has a crush on Brixlee (Millie Davis) but is too scared to talk to her. When he’s invited to a party by the super cool Soren (Izaac Wang), Max is told it is a kissing party and Brixlee will be there. Max is panicked as he, Thor and Lucas don’t know how to kiss. An ill-advised internet search leaves the boys scarred and clueless. Thor suggests using the drone belonging to Max’s dad (Will Forte) to spy on his neighbor Hannah (Molly Gordon) and her boyfriend Benji (Josh Caras) and watch them kiss. While flying the drone, Max and Thor fight over the remote control and land the drone close enough for Hannah and her friend Lily (Midori Francis) to capture it. The boys go to the house to ask for it back, but they refuse, trying to teach the boys a lesson in respecting women. Thor steals one of the women’s purse that contains the party drug molly. The boys will exchange the purse and drugs for the drone, but the exchange goes wrong and the drone is destroyed. Max must replace the drone before his father gets back from a business trip as his dad told him not to touch it as he uses it in his work. The Bean Bag Boys will work together and go on numerous adventures to replace the drone, avoiding getting grounded and going to the sixth-grade kissing party.

“Good Boys” may be about sixth graders, but you must be 18 to see the film as it is filled with cursing, drugs, drinking and sexual references. It’s a shock watching these children, and they are all children, saying curse words, using sexual jargon incorrectly, sipping beer and handling S&M equipment. But you shouldn’t be put off by the cruder aspects of the movie as “Good Boys” is more about tweens on the verge of becoming teens and all the pressure that puts on their friendship.

There are layers to “Good Boys” that go beyond the cursing and sex. Max is dealing with a burgeoning interest in girls and his insecurities. Thor is being bullied to give up his love of singing and musical theater. Lucas’ parents tell him they are getting a divorce. Each is facing some very grown-up challenges and they are not prepared for them. The adventures they go on to replace the drone are a reaction to their issues. It’s like one last quest as they transition from little kids to slightly older kids.

As often happens with children, the boys fear if they get in trouble, it will be the end of the world. Their parents will no longer love them, they will never have any friends, they will not be able to kiss any girls, in other words, their lives would not be worth living. While there are consequences for their actions, the boys learn important lessons about dealing with their problems, how to treat others and crossing a busy highway is insane.

“Good Boys” is rated R for language throughout, drug and alcohol material and strong crude sexual content. Procuring molly is a big part of the story. There is also weed smoked by a college student and blown in the face of one of the kids. Sipping a beer also plays a big role in the film. Sex toys are shown, and sexual references are made throughout the film. Foul language is common and coming mostly from little kids.

“Good Boys” is a coming of age story that is set a bit younger than most. Sixth graders discovering who they are and what life means (filtered through their inexperienced minds) isn’t usually the focus of an R-rated comedy, but producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have a history of creating crude comedies in unexpected ways. A cute and diverse cast makes the shocking content even more shocking, generating big laughs and a couple of moments that make you think. Pretty impressive for a film filled with foul language and sex toys in the hands of tweens.

“Good Boys” gets five stars.

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